Jiangsu Teeyer Intelligent Equipment Corp., Ltd.
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TEEYER was founded as a windlass manufacturing company. We aimed at becoming a professional construction equipment provider.

We cooperated with Changzhou Building Material Research Institute affiliated with China National Building Material Co., Ltd., and successfully developed Hebel AAC cutting machine for Shanghai Silicate Company. This success has laid the foundation for our AAC production line equipment.

We made our first AAC cutting machine which becomes our emphasis. TEEYER and the Aeration Technology Research Institute jointly developed the Stema AAC cutting machine by introducing some technologies from Denmark. This machine was adopted by the Lanzhou No. 2 Thermal Power Plant.

TEEYER cooperate with Komatsu, and Hyundai on the manufacturing of excavator oil tank and parts for blanking machine. In this year, our sales revenue reached 20 million RMB. We reformed our ownership structure, 80% of which goes to private shareholders. We introduced a range of foreign technologies, especially from Germany Ytong, and developed our AAC cutting machine with a 4-meter high rotating mechanism. TEEYER owns the complete intellectual property right.

We transformed to Changzhou Teeyer Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. and developed the 4.2m cutting machine.

Our sales revenue of building material equipment and construction equipment surpassed 100 million RMB. A 6m high cutting machine was developed. We participated in the drafting of a national standard in building material industry-JC/T 921-2003 Cutting machine for autoclaved aerated concrete.

We got the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate. We launched our a production line for 6m automated aerated concrete cutting machine, and showed the attendees at the annual meeting of China Aerated Concrete Association.

TEEYER moved to a new place, and we purchased our first CNC machining center and digital floor type boring machine, laying the foundation for manufacturing large structural parts.

The construction equipment industry started to decline due to the financial crisis in 2004. We started to manufacture metallurgical equipment.

We moved to our new factory which is located in a very convenient place. We got the newly issued ISO9001-2008 certificate.

Our company name changed to Jiangsu Teeyer Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. We are invited to take part in the drafting of another national standard in building material industry—Code for design of autoclaved aerated concrete plant.

As our filiale, Pufante Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd went into operation. Our annual sales revenue reached 580 million RMB. Specifically, the sales amount of cutting machine is 280 million RMB, while the remaining comes from construction equipment.

We updated our existing production techniques, from the simple production process to a more efficient production line, just like the how the industry in Europe did. We were involved in the revising of a building material industry standard (Code for design of autoclaved aerated concrete plant) and the drafting of a national standard (GB 50990-2014 Code for design of aerated concrete plant).

To improve our management efficiency, we introduced the ERP management method. Additionally, we came up with a Five-Year Plan for the company development.

As a mature company in terms of both product and service, we have exported our AAC production equipment to over 20 regions and countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and so on.