Other Products
    1. Hardening Car
    2. Hardening CarThe hardening car, located at the autoclaving section, is used for the material conveying in the AAC production line.
    1. Autoclave
    2. AutoclaveAutoclave is used for the steam curing of cakes in order to give the blocks/panels enough strength.
    1. Auto-mobile Bridge
    2. Auto-mobile BridgeThe bridge trolley at the front and rear of the autoclave is kind of a bridge that overlaps the inner track of autoclave and rail...
    1. Automatic Gas Distribution and Residual Gas Recovery System
    2. Automatic Gas Distribution and Residual Gas Recovery SystemAccording to the set value, the automatic steam distribution system will adjust valve...
    1. Packaging Machine
    2. Packaging MachinePackaging machine will strap goods in horizontal direction or vertical direction automatically, ready for storage or shipment.