Other Products
    1. Up-and-down Pouring Device
    2. Up-and-down Pouring DeviceThe up-and-down pouring device is a key unit of the AAC block pouring machine. It comprises pouring nozzle, lifting arm, and air compressor cylinder.
    1. Pouring Ferry Push Car
    2. Pouring Ferry Push CarThe pouring ferry push car is at the batching and pouring section of AAC production line. It is composed of a working station...
    1. Mold and Side Plate
    2. Mold and Side PlateThe mould is a recyclable part for AAC production line. Together with side plate, the AAC block mould or AAC panel mould is used for holding...
    1. Traction Mechanism
    2. Traction MechanismThe traction mechanism is a useful hauling device for the AAC production line, specifically in the pre-curing section.
    1. Holding Pin Inserting and Drawing Hoist
    2. Holding Pin Inserting and Drawing HoistThe holding pin inserting and drawing hoist is a critical machine for the AAC panel manufacturing.