Other Products
    1. Production Control System
    2. Production Control SystemDCS automation control system is composed of Siemens PLC hardware, that is decentralized control...
    1. Ball Mill
    2. Ball MillRaw material includes sand, fly ash and tailings to be milled into fine material, in order to meet the slurry standards..
    1. Slurry Agitator
    2. Slurry AgitatorThere is a transition slurry pool next to the slurry storage tank, with two functions: one is to pump slurry to batching area...
    1. Slurry Storage Tank
    2. Slurry Storage TankAfter ball mill, the slurry will be pumped to the slurry storage tank, the agitator of tank will work constantly to avoid slurry sedimentation.
    1. Jaw Crusher
    2. Jaw CrusherThe jaw crusher is an important machine for the raw material preparation section. It is mainly used to crush...