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Autoclave is used for the steam curing of cakes in order to give the blocks/panels enough strength. The autoclaving cycle is around 10-11 hours. We provide different kinds of autoclave according to customers' capacity and land layout. Generally, there are three types of autoclave used in the AAC production line: Φ2m×31m; Φ2.5m×31m; and Φ2.68m×38m.

1. The design drawing is composed by an esteemed designing institute in China according to the related national standards.

2. We choose 16MnR steel, a special kind of steel for our autoclave, as the raw material. The rim is planed and beveled. Advanced automatic submerged arc welding equipment and mature welding technique are both adopted. All the pressure elements are determined by X ray for any underlying flaws.

3. The rim and door of the autoclave is made of 16Mn steel by combining forging with secondary processes, annealing and thermal treatment.

4. We use the gear box with worm gear rather than the common cycloidal gear reducer. Three protective mechanisms are available, namely electronic interlocking device, manual interlocking device (manual screw rod), and manual gear reducer.

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