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Hardening Car

The hardening car, located at the autoclaving section, is used for the material conveying in the AAC production line. It can endure the high temperature and high pressure environment in the autoclave, and won’t get jammed or deformed.

Operating principle
The hardening cars are initially on the rails in grouping area. Then the divided AAC cakes will be transferred onto the cars by special lifting hoist, and grouped and hauled into the autoclave by a traction machine. After the autoclaving process is completed, hardening cars will be pulled out to the finished product area for laying down the AAC blocks/panels. Then the car will return to the initial place for next round. Commonly, driven by traction machine, a car can carry two or three cakes each round.

Structural feature
1. The car frame is made from sectional steel which has great toughness and simple structure. A base plate guiding mechanism is mounted for the rapid placing of the plate.

2. In the wheel unit of the hardening car, you can find several important components like wheel, axle, bearing, and so on. The wheel surface has been treated by quenching technique, thus excellent durability can be obtained The special structural design of the wheel can ensure wheel's amazing resistance to high temperature and high pressure environment in the autoclave.

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