Other Products
    1. Separator
    2. SeparatorTo separate the sticky cakes into several layers, the finished products are blocks or panels. The separator is an important...
    1. Finished Product Clamping Hoist
    2. Finished Product Clamping HoistFinished products will be lifted by clamping hoister, to leave side wall behind, and the side wall will be transferred...
    1. Rotating Hoister
    2. Rotating HoisterFinished squeezed, blocks will be lifted by rotating hoister, on the length 1.2m direction, after 90 degree rotating, the blocks will be put in cross directions on the pallet.
    1. Finished Product Conveyor Line
    2. Finished Product Conveyor LineThe finished product conveyor line is used for block conveying at the packaging section. As a chain conveyor...
    1. Packaging Machine
    2. Packaging MachinePackaging machine will strap goods in horizontal direction or vertical direction automatically, ready for storage or shipment.