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Tilting Table

The tilting table is installed at the end of the cutting section. By using this equipment, the waste material at the top and bottom of cake can be removed. The tilting table is composed by a table, guide pillar, hydraulic system, and control system.

The cut concrete block, together with the side plate is conveyed to the table by the semi-finished product hoist. Then the side plate will be fixed, while the block will be turned by 90° by the hydraulic system. Thus the waste material can fall off automatically. After that, the table rotates back to the original position, and releases the side plate.

To make our tilting table more reliable, we use premium oil cylinder. Thus the table can tilt stably and synchronically, while the tilting speed is also adjustable. The whole tilting process doesn't need the traveling crane, and little operation is needed from the workers.

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