Other Products
    1. Traction Mechanism
    2. Traction MechanismThe traction mechanism is a useful hauling device for the AAC production line, specifically in the pre-curing section.
    1. Holding Pin Inserting and Drawing Hoist
    2. Holding Pin Inserting and Drawing HoistThe holding pin inserting and drawing hoist is a critical machine for the AAC panel manufacturing.
    1. Cross Cutting Machine
    2. Cross Cutting MachineFollowed by horizontal cutting, it is cross cutting area. The cake will be cut in vertical as required value.
    1. Vertical Cutting Machine
    2. Vertical Cutting MachineAfter side cutting area, it is horizontal cutting. The horizontal cutting machine will cut the cake into several layers according to the set value.
    1. Cutting Car
    2. Cutting CarThe AAC cutting car system works around the cutting station. It consists of a cutting car, pinion and rack moving rail. In the cutting section...