Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator is an important material conveyor system for the autoclaved aerated concrete block/panel production line. It features big conveying capacity, big elevating height, stable and reliable performance, and long service life. The traction part uses low alloy and high strength round-link chain. After being specially treated, the chain's strength of extension, anti-wear performance, and service life are quite excellent. The bucket elevator is suitable for conveying materials like low abrasion powder, granule, and gravel with an appropriate density. The material temperature should be lower than 250℃.

1. The driving power is low. However the mechanical efficiency is quite desirable. The large capacity buckets are closely mounted.
2. This bucket elevator can deal with various kinds of material, including powder, granule, as well as those with high abrasiveness. The good sealing performance of this conveying machine leads to limited pollution.
3. Advanced designing solution and manufacturing techniques are adopted to ensure the reliable working performance of the machine. The normal working duration could surpass 20,000 hours. The elevating height is very desirable.
4. The well designed conveying system can guarantee little material falls out during the loading and unloading, and less mechanical abrasion is produced.

The material fills in the bucket, and then is elevated to the top by the buckets. After passing the top, the buckets will turn over and discharge the material in to the target container. The belt driving bucket conveyor comes with a rubber belt over the transmission roller and the turning roller. On the other hand, the chain driving bucket elevator comes with a pair of parallel driving chains at the top or bottom of the machine, while a pair of turning chains is at the other end. Generally, the conveying machine has a casing to prevent the air is polluted by the floating powder during the conveying.

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