Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor, just like the bucket conveyor, is a very important material conveying equipment for the autoclaved aerated concrete block/panel production line. Our belt conveyor features big conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, and standardized components.

You can use this conveyor system for both bulk material and packed product in a variety of industries like mining, metallurgy, coal, and so on. According to your needs, our belt conveyor can be used individually or together with other belt conveying machines or different kinds of conveying machine. The assembled conveying system could be in horizontal type or inclined type, meeting your various demands.

The belt conveyor can be used at a wide temperature range, from -20℃ to +40℃. The material on the belt should not exceed 50℃, and the stacking density should be smaller than 1.67 ton/m3. The suitable materials include powder, granule, and gravel with low abrasiveness, as well as packed material like coal, small rock, sand, cement, fertilizer, grain, and so on. The conveying distance and assembling type are customizable according to your needs. You can choose electrical roller, or driving device with frame.


Belt width
Conveying distance (m) Power
Conveying speed
500 ≤12 3 1.3-1.6 78-191
12-20 4-5.5
20-30 5.5-7.5
650 ≤12 4 1.3-1.6 131-323
12-20 5.5
20-30 7.5-11
800 ≤6 4 1.3-1.6 278-546
6-15 5.5
15-30 7.5-15
1000 ≤10 5.5 1.3-2.0 435-853
10-20 7.5-11
20-40 11-22
1200 ≤10 7.5 1.3-2.0 655-1284
10-20 11
20-40 15-30

1. The parameters in the table are based on certain material density (1.0 - 1.6 t/m3), inclining angle (≤18°), and material stacking angle (30°).
2. The maximum material density is 2.5t/m2.
3. Custom belt conveyors with various parameters are also available.

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